What Is The Importance Of DMV-Approved California Driver Education?

Getting your first driver’s license in California requires you to get a learner’s permit before completing your DMV-approved California driver education. Even in states where such courses are not required under law, completing driver’s ed course can help create safer and more responsible drivers. It is best to sign-up with a driving school because they know what is expected of you for the tests. They stay up-to-date with the curriculum and also focus on safe driving tips.

This guide explains the importance of DMV-approved California driver education before you take your tests and how it can help you or your teen become a safer and more responsible driver.

Focus on Safe Driving Skills

There are many reasons for choosing a driving school that provides DMV-approved California driver education. One of them is that they focus on the best practices that help in churning out safe drivers. You will get lessons on distraction-free driving so that one more safe driver gets added to the roads, increasing everyone’s safety.

In fact, schools like Your Driver’s Ed can also localize some of the course content so that you can learn more about the driving requirements in your area. This can cover aspects like:

  • How to drive in the weather conditions in your area?
  • How to navigate the busy streets?
  • Tips for freeway driving

Such schools usually have practice tests which are designed keeping in mind the DMV-approved California driver education requirements. This helps you prepare for what is required to get your driver’s license.

Why You Need Driver’s Education in California?

Here is a list of different reasons why you should take your DMV-approved California driver education seriously.

  • Traffic accidents account as one of the top causes of teen deaths in the state. If you have a teen, you simply cannot ignore the importance of driver’s education.
  • Teen drivers have 4 times the accident rates of adult drivers.
  • One person gets injured every 2 minutes and one person dies every 2.5 hours in the state due to traffic accidents.
  • Every year 500,000 cases of traffic collisions take place in the state.
  • Around 39% of accidents result in injuries, 60% in property damages, and 1% in death.
  • Drivers aged less than 30 years account for 3% of all accidents that result in injury or death.

Traffic accidents account of the top 5 cause of death in the country. Thousands of lives could be saved every year if the driver has completed proper DMV-approved California driver education. There is more need for drivers who are aware of weather conditions, road conditions, and physical and psychological factors that can increase the risks of accidents.

Driver’s Ed Can Boost Your Confidence

When you take driver’s education, you will be able to practice driving having a clear understanding of all the rules and safety requirements. You will not learn by hit and trial. You will already have the knowledge and you will be applying it. Thus, you will already know what steps need to be taken to tackle certain challenging situations.

You will become a more confident driver who will be able to respond more naturally and comfortably to difficult situations. Thus, quality DMV-approved California driver education can help you become a safer driver.

You Become a Responsible Driver

When a driver takes the course, they already understand the rules. They will already realize their responsibility as a driver and the importance of following the rules and regulations. Whether you are a teen or a new adult driver, completing driver’s education helps you realize that there are consequences to neglecting precautions and taking the wrong actions. This makes you both a responsible and alert driver. This can help keep you, your passengers and those on the road safer when you are behind the wheel.

When you complete DMV-approved California driver education course, you get knowledge that will be applied in real world situations. You will also learn how to apply the knowledge when you are driving. Thus, you are more likely to remember the rules than someone who doesn’t take the course. This will further help you become a more confident driver.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Another advantage of completing DMV-approved California driver education is that it can help you reduce your car insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer special discounts to teenaged drivers who have completed their driver’s ed course. So when you have your teen enrolled in an approved driver education program, you are taking a step in saving some money too. In fact, you may be able to recover the cost of the education from the savings you make on the premiums.

So keep all these points in mind and make sure to have your teen complete a DMV-approved California driver education course. When you want to have your teen turn into a responsible and safe driver, it pays to have them complete a driver’s education program from a reputed and approved school like Your Driver’s Ed.

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