Teen Driver’s Education

How to Get Your Teenage Driver’s License?

Most teens are excited about getting their driver’s license. However, it’s not an easy task and you will have to train, practice and clear the test before being able to get a license. The advantages of getting a driver’s license are galore. You will no longer have to ask for a ride or wait for your parents to pick you up. There is a widespread misconception that teen driver’s education and license involve a lot of complications. However, if you get to know the basics, you will find that the process is too simple.

What are the Age Requirements?

The requirement for teen driver’s education will vary depending on your age.

  • If you are 15-1/2 years old, you will have to undergo teen driver’s education to get your learner’s permit.
  • If you are 16 years old, you can get a provisional license after completing the driver’s education.
  • If you are 17-1/2, you can apply for a provisional permit without the need for education.
  • 18 years old can apply directly for a driver’s license without even having to get a learner’s permit.

Steps Involved

If you want to apply for your teenage driver’s license, you will have to follow these steps depending on your age:

  • First you will have to complete a teen driver’s education course which is approved and licensed by your state’s DMV. The process will involve completing the chapters and passing the final examination.
  • You will be enrolling into a behind-the-wheel driver training program. This is required for getting your learner’s license.
  • Then you will be applying for a provisional permit.
  • Once you have the permit, you will be practicing driving under supervision for a period of 6 months.
  • The minimum condition is 50 hours of driving under supervision plus 10 hours of night driving. The supervision can be under your legal guardian, parent, or a certified driving instructor holding a valid driver’s license. They must also be 25 years or older.
  • Once you complete all these steps, you can apply for your driver’s license. If you complete your teen driver’s education, you can apply for a driver’s license when you attain 16 years.

Teenage Driver’s Training

Usually new teenage drivers must complete the following two forms of training in order to be able to get their first driver’s license:

  • Behind-the-wheel driver training
  • Supervised practice

Most DMV’s have made this condition mandatory. While teen driver’s education addresses one aspect, training helps you practice what you learned in the classroom. You will be able to practice your driving skills which will further prepare you for passing the road test. The supervised behind the wheel practice is going to help in building your skills. It will also help in building experience in different driving conditions and scenarios, something that can help improve the chances of passing the test.

If you are not 18 yet, it is required to complete driver’s training. This is when you already have your learner’s permit. Here are some of the important points you should keep in mind before you are allowed to take your driving test with the DMV:

  • You should have completed minimum 6 hours of driver’s training.
  • You should also have completed at least 50 hours of behind the wheel practice.
  • You should have been holding your learner’s permit for minimum 6 months.
  • You will also have to complete your teen driver’s education program.

Supervised Practice

So you will also have to complete supervised behind-the-wheel practice which will be separate from driver’s training. The practice should be under the supervision of an adult who is 25 or older and holds a valid license. As already mentioned above, the minimum limits are 50 hours and 10 hours of night practice. The objective behind this practice is to give you driving experience in real-world situations. The practice hours need to be certified by the adult, who could also be your parent or guardian.

The Driving Test

Once you have completed your teen driver’s education, training and supervised behind-the-wheel practice, you will be appearing in the DMV’s driving test. Remember you should be at least 16 in order to give this test. Visit your state’s DMV website and schedule the driving test. If you pass the road test, the department will issue your provisional driver’s license.

Thus, there are three main phases you have to pass through in order to get your teen driver’s license. It is a simple process if you work on it in a step by step manner. The three main phases include teen driver’s education, driver’s training, and completing supervised practice. Once you are confident that you can drive a vehicle without any difficulties, you can schedule your road test by visiting the DMV’s website.

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