Steps to a Driver’s License

One of the milestones in a teenager’s life is earning a driver’s license. This can signal a major step forward towards adulthood. Securing a driver’s license shows that a teen may be ready to accept more responsibility and acquire proper decision making that will affect their lives and those of other drivers.

Acquiring a license provides teens with a new world of possibilities. This world brings with it a new freedom. The teenager soon discovers that this freedom comes with responsibility. Responsible teens who demonstrate proper driving skills and safe driving behaviors when driving enjoy good consequences. Poor choices and a lack of safe driving skills can result in serious accidents.

To acquire a license a teenager and the parents should first discover the steps to a learner’s permit and driver’s license. Go online and visit the DMV website to find the information you need to begin the steps to a driver’s license. Investigate driving schools and the programs they offer. You will discover you must first complete a course in driver’s education. This can be done in the classroom or online

Check out the reviews of the programs you are interested in. Explore their site to see if it offers value. Many programs charge more than a comparable program. Online programs allow the teen student to study at their own pace and convenience. Once completed, the teen will be issued a certificate of completion by the driver education program. Make an appointment at the DMV of your choice to take the learner’s permit test.

At this point the teen and a parent can fill out a DL 44 form picked up at the nearest DMV office. Be sure to have your birth certificate, certificate of completion, money for the learner’s permit test you must pass when arriving at the DMV to take the test. Upon payment for the permit test you have three chances to pass. Preparation is key to first time success. A failing grade means you must wait one week to retake the test. Be sure to review test questions. You can access these online from various sites as well as your online course, such as Read the DMV handbook.

Upon successful completion of the permit test it is time to shop for a driving school. Ask your friends what school they used for instruction. Was the instructor knowledgeable, friendly and an expert in the field. Again you can do research on line. Speak to several schools to gauge their professionalism. Don’t sign up because they are the cheapest, sign up because the school has experienced instructors dedicated to teaching safe driving behaviors!

The number one killer of teenagers is automobile accidents! Parents should not limit their search to the cheapest school but to a school with a reputation for excellent teaching and the ability to teach the most dangerous activity a teenager will undertake, driving! Teens make up 7% of the driving population but are involved in 14% of the accidents. Choose wisely!


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