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5 Safe Driving Tips for Your Teenager

Teenage drivers are more likely to have auto accidents than other age groups. This has also been proven to be statistically correct in most places including California. If you have a teenager in your family, it is important that you have them complete their San Diego Teen Drivers Ed online before being allowed to get behind the wheels. They can learn safe driving techniques like defensive driving to increase the chances of keeping everyone safe around them when they are driving.

Here are 5 safety tips you should follow for your teenaged child before you put them behind the wheel.

1. Choose the Right Safe-Driving Course

Inexperience is the main reason why more teens have auto accidents. It will be best if a teenager joins an approved safe-driving San Diego Teen Drivers Ed online. It can help in increasing their experience and help them learn valuable skills. They can take the safe-driving courses online and can practice their driving skills under a guardian’s guidance. A good thing about these courses is that they are also more affordable.

2. Follow Basic Safety Tips

You should also ask your teenager to follow the most basic safety tips of driving. This includes the following:

  • Keeping the Cell Phone Off: It is believed that using cell phone while driving is almost like driving drunk. It is also prohibited in many states. However, it is not just the laws, a teenager should also be concerned about own safety and that of others on the road and avoid using a cell phone while driving.
  • Turn on the Headlights: This safety tip can make other drivers alert about you. When the headlights are turned on, they help increase your visibility and also help others notice you.
  • Avoid Nighttime Driving: According to studies, most of the fatal crashes involving young drivers take place at nighttime. So you should avoid your teenager from driving at night, even when they are undergoing the San Diego Teen Drivers Ed online.
  • Lesser Number of Passengers: The lesser the number of passengers, the lesser the risk of accident will be. Many young drivers think that it is more fun to drive with their friends. It can increase the risk of distraction, so keep the number of passengers limited.
  • Always Keep Within Speed Limits: Speeding is another big factor that contributes to fatal accidents involving teens. Teenagers should be taught that there is no need to keep up with the traffic speed. Teach them to drive a safe speed, something they can control easily.
  • Seat Belts: Make sure everyone wears the seat belts. This is a basic safety rule not to be violated.
  • Head Rest: The head rest should be adjusted behind the head and not the neck. This can help in minimizing the impact of whiplash.
  • Clean Windshield: It is important that the windshield is always kept clean so that there is no reflection or glare that can potentially blind you from seeing the road.

3. Practice Defensive Driving

Make sure that your teenager practices defensive driving. Ask him or her to follow these tips:

  • Always be aware of the traffic, both ahead and behind them.
  • Always maintain a distance of a car’s length from the car in front.
  • Always plan a potential escape route in case of an emergency.

4. Choose a Safer Car for your Teen

It is always recommended to have your teen drive a safer car. It should have good crash safety record and also have advanced safety equipment including the following:

  • Air bags
  • Electronic stability control
  • Anti-lock brakes

This will help increase their safety in all circumstances. This is recommended even when your teenager is undergoing a San Diego Teen Drivers Ed online.

5. Keep Other Drivers in Mind

This is a safety tip most teenager drivers would like to ignore or would like to care less. Make sure your teenager follows these tips when driving:

  • Never make assumptions about what other drivers may do. They should be careful even when someone has a turn-signal on.
  • Make sure your teen doesn’t drive like they own the road.
  • They should spot aggressive drivers from a distance and stay out of their way.

These are some of the basic safety tips you should teach your teenager. A good San Diego Teen Drivers Ed online program can also help them learn a lot and practice safe and defensive driving. There re a few more tips to keep in mind. Ask your teenager that their car should always have gas. Even when the light turns green, they should check the intersection thoroughly so that they move only after it has cleared. Safe practices require regular practice and repetitive instructions. Make sure you keep your patience when guiding your teenager so that they can improve their driving skills and knowledge gradually.

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