Learn To Be Safe By Using Defensive Driving Techniques

Driving on a daily basis requires proper co-ordination of both the mental and physical capabilities of a person. He has to be mentally alert at all times so as to ensure the safety of the driver himself, the passengers as well as the pedestrians and other drivers present on the road at that point of time. At the same time physical alertness ensures that he is also able to execute the messages sent by the brain in accordance to the demands of a situation both in times of emergency and otherwise. Hence driving is a delicate balance of skill and defensive driving techniques, done with a view of achieving the desired ending; that is to reach the pre-decided place safely within a reasonable interval of time.

Online driving schools like the http://yourdriversed.com/ put more emphasis on this aspect of driving. With a vision and a promise to churn out drivers who put safety above all else, these online driving schools dedicate considerable amount of time on this. Thus they prefer to call drivers trained by them as defensive drivers since they are trained specifically to tackle the hazards and potentially dangerous situations caused by:

  1. Bad drivers who think nothing of the other vehicles present on the road and also blatantly ignore traffic rules,
  2. Drunk drivers who commit the ultimate offense of driving with their mental and physical alertness numbed by the effect of alcohol and
  3. Poor weather which increases the risk of the ever-present dangers of the road by inducing poor visibility etc.

The foundation of these defensive driving techniques lies on a person’s ability to:

  1. Foresee the omnipresent dangers on the roads resulting from the prevalent conditions,
  2. Assimilate and co-ordinate his thoughts and actions to deal with the upcoming situation and
  3. Act immediately to either prevent the situation from happening or to employ the best suited safety measure for the protection of all concerned.

Life is said to be God’s gift to mankind and no one has the right to either take it or impair it. With this mission in mind, today all websites offering online driving courses like http://yourdriversed.com/ teach wannabe drivers safe driving practices even before they start their actual driving lessons.

Some tips which all aspiring drivers are actively encouraged to adopt as part of their training for defensive driving techniques are:

  1. To understand the road conditions and plan ahead both for the expected and the unexpected,
  2. To enhance the ability to control speed which in turn ensures that the driver remains in absolute control of the vehicle,
  3. To be prepared at all times to react safely to the actions and antics of other drivers present on the road,
  4. Never expect other drivers present on the road to think and react in a predictable way or make assumptions about their intensions,
  5. Learn to always expect the unexpected when on the road especially when it concerns mistakes made by the drivers,
  6. Understand that the abilities of the other drivers present on the road in terms of alertness, being sober or following traffic rules,
  7. Always acknowledge and uphold the rights of the other road users like the pedestrians etc., and ensure their safety too,
  8. Acute awareness of the road and weather conditions becomes a mandatory requirement especially when they are not favourable or conducive to driving,
  9. Distractions like the cell phone, eating, chatting, laughing etc., should be avoided as they tend to hamper the alertness of the person driving thereby rendering him incapable of taking the correct decision involuntarily in times of need.
  10. Never ever let any situation, adverse or favourable gain the upper-hand, always retain absolute control.

The importance of learning and incorporating these defensive driving techniques as enumerated by websites offering driving courses like http://yourdriversed.com/ lies in its ability to reduce risks. Thus drivers are taught to obey traffic rules at all times irrespective of the urgency of the situation. Aspiring teen drivers are also taught the basics of physical co-ordination and the importance of reacting appropriately to a situation. A very important aspect of these defensive techniques is its ability to reduce the risks of injury by improving the basics of road driving. As per the statistics, teen drivers, by virtue of their age, tend to incur driving injuries quite easily. Thus making them undergo a training course in defensive techniques can go a long way in reducing teen injury rates.

More often than not commercial concerns which need to employ drivers make it mandatory for commercial drivers to undergo a course of defensive driving techniques. This not only reduces the risks and liabilities that may be incurred by the drivers and the goods carried but also of the concerned parent company.

The benefits of learning defensive techniques are innumerable, not only for the driver concerned but also for the pedestrians and other users of the road. Thus the services of websites like http://yourdriversed.com/ which provide useful tools for learning and upgrading the driving skills of a person should be availed off without much ado.

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